Friday, 25 September 2009

Magician EA : 1 Dec - 5 Dec 08 Result

Magician EA : 1 Dec - 5 Dec 08 Result

This week return using magican ea is better than last week, which is +$18.076 or 9.03%
Total Return since 13 October is $139.595 or about +69.79%

Yesterday James email me about the update of Magician EA, It can work with GBPJPY pair now, and since yesterday I add GBPJPY pair to see how the EA handle Non Farm Payroll in GBPJPY pair. The result is so far so good. The setting for GBPJPY is not use martingale system.

Here is the forward test graphics since 13 Oct 08

Since 2 December 08 I join Magician managed account. It should be on 1 December 08, but my money is not ready at that time. And I ask James not to use the GBPJPY pair because I want to test it further.

2 Dec - 5 Dec 08 result on my live statement is $19635.76 or about 7.8%. It seems one day make different result.

Here is me live statement graphics since 2 Dec 08