Friday, 25 September 2009

Steinizt EA - Update Hello members:

Steinizt EA - Update

Hello members:

If you have recently upgraded to or purchased version 3.19 please disregard this e-mail completely!

Attached to this e-mail you will find a new version for version 2.0. Prior to this release we were on version 2.75. The new version is 2.76. As always there is no charge for updates for the robot that you purchased.

Here are the highlights of the recent changes:

1. Modified code to handle 5 digit pricing more efficiently. All of our robots were programmed almost a year ago to handle all 5 digit pricing. As time went on it was necessary to keep up with the changes the way brokers handled trading transactions. We found there were phantom trades that had a stop loss that resulted in the occasional trade closing in a loss. This has been fixed.

2. Stronger magic number sequence. This means our robots are even less likely to interfere with any other robots running on the same Meta trader 4 charting software.

3. We eliminated the 30 day automatic close feature along with halting any new trades towards the end of the month in favor of a more efficient treatment for closing down open trades. The new feature allows you to place a numeric value to determine when you want the open currency to close. Now each currency will be monitored individually and close precisely when you choose. If you don't want this feature turned on leave the default with a zero. For example if you choose 20 that currency will close precisely in 20 calendar days. If that day falls on a closed market day it will close on the next trading day opportunity.