Friday, 9 October 2009

المتداول العربىCanadian Dollar Hurt by Economy, Politics

المتداول العربىCanadian Dollar Hurt by Economy, Politics
Having fallen well below parity with the USD, the Canadian Loonie is now being attacked on two fronts.

First, there is the deteriorating economic situation.

Prices for virtually all commodities, namely oil, have declined significantly this year, dealing a harsh blow to the natural resource-dependent Canadian economy.

In addition, its largest trade partner, the US, is suffering from economic woes of its own and is in no position to support the Canadian export sector.

The result is surging unemployment and the most precipitous decline in factory production in 25 years.

The most optimistic economists are forecasting GDP growth of 0.0% in 2009.

The second prong of the attack against the Loonie is being waged unintentionally by the country's Prime Minister, who recently suspended Parliament in order to avoid a no-confidence vote in his leadership. In short, bulls for the Canadian Dollar (not to mention democracy) don't have much to be excited about these days.

Bloomberg News reports:
"The global backdrop is bearish for the Canadian dollar and domestic numbers are merely piling on,"said a senior currency strategist. "No one is looking for reasons to buy the Canadian dollar right now.

They want reasons to sell."