Friday, 9 October 2009

المتداول العربىEU Stimulus No Help to Euro

المتداول العربىEU Stimulus No Help to Euro
The European Union has unveiled an economic stimulus package to match the US, as the two economies continue to mirror each other's strategies for fighting the credit crisis.
Given the evident lack of effectiveness of the US plan, it is no surprise that analysts reacted pessimistically to the policy proposal.
At this point, investors and consumers alike appear resigned to the inevitability of economic recession in both economies.
In other words, there isn't much that government can achieve, as their respective efforts will certainly be undermined by increased saving. Besides, investors (including currency traders) remain focused on the financial aspects of the credit crisis, rather than the economic aspects. Accordingly, the theme of risk aversion continues to dominate, as part of a trend that favors the Dollar.
Reuters reports:
Analysts said that the plan marked a step in the right direction, but uncertainty about its efficacy, and general concerns about a deep slowdown in the global economy were keeping investors in the mood to sell risky assets.