Friday, 9 October 2009

المتداول العربىFed to Lower Rates to 0%

المتداول العربىFed to Lower Rates to 0%
The consensus among economists is now that the US Federal Reserve Bank will lower its benchmark interest rate all the way to 0%.

The Fed Funds Rate currently stands at 1%, and two projected 50 basis point cuts within the next two months would bring the rate to its lowest level ever, where it could remain for as long as one year.

Apparently, the concern among economic policymakers is that the sagging economy and falling asset prices will ignite a protracted period of deflation.

Given the extent to which the Federal Reserve Bank as well as the Federal Government have already moved to stimulate the economy, it's unclear whether any further loosening will have an effect.

Currency investors remain unfazed about this prospect, perhaps because the rest of the world is in equally dire straits, and foreign central banks are mulling proportionately drastic measures. Marketwatch reports:
"This [interest rate cut] move confirms a highly pro-active and aggressive central banking community and there will be more to come" from the Bank of England and European Central Bank, said one currency strategist