Thursday, 8 October 2009

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المتداول العربى 
Forex Trading Software Tips
Perhaps not many of you know that any FOREX broker keeps a software package for his clients to transact and get information about market prices online.

The internet has become a place for any person to visit and based on the high popularity of online trading with traders, the FOREX brokers are coming up with new tools. The clients? needs in terms of software tools are what they are always thinking of.
The most important purpose of the online trading tool must be the capacity to provide market information at real time and updating it in the flash of a second.

Such software must be able to perform with minimal processing delay and must be precise enough in order to deliver the entry and exit points for the trade.
There are two kinds of FOREX trading software, that is a web based and a client based one. As you all know, web-based software is the one that runs on the website of the broker.

The computer of the client will need no installation for this type of software. On the other hand, the client-based software is the one that must be first downloaded and then installed on the computer of the client.
This machine must be synchronized with that of the broker?s.

However, the web based client software is said to be more popular. The main reason for this happening is the convenience, safety and reliability features. For instance, the users can log in to them using their unique account from any computer and from any location over an Internet connection.

This is surely better than using the client-based software, which has the restriction of using one chosen computer for every trade you might want to make.
There is a series of data servers to support the FOREX software. They are meant to hold the web site content and user transactions.

A set of at least two sets of servers in separate locations must be maintained, in order to ensure maximum uptime and data backups.

This is because the servers are also subject to power outages and natural disasters.

Therefore, having a backup server is the only solution for guaranteeing the integrity of the financial data of the user, in case of server failure.

These servers are very reliable in securing the user information and data integrity and ensure precise transaction processing.
Last, but not least, a FOREX broker will need a high-speed computer and a Internet connection in order to reduce the data transmission delays.