Friday, 9 October 2009

المتداول العربىIndonesian Rupiah Faces Collapse

المتداول العربىIndonesian Rupiah Faces Collapse
The economic situation in Indonesia is similiar to that of several other emerging market economies, characterized by falling export revenue, shrinking government coffers, and capital flight.

The consequent decline in the Indonesia Rupiah has almost become self-fulfilling.

In other words, as skittish investors rush to move their capital out of Indonesia for fear of complete collapse, they are simultaneously making such a collapse more likely.

Indonesian policy-makers are conscious of this tendency of nervousness to feed back into itself, and are delicately trying to avoid shocking the markets. On the one hand, they want to limit the decline of the Rupiah. On the other hand, they don't want to take actions that will make investors nervous, even if it means making it more difficult for them to short the currency.

The International Herald Tribune reports:
Last week, Indonesia changed its currency rules to make it more difficult to buy foreign exchange.

The measures, mostly affecting Indonesians rather than foreigners, would make speculative bets against rupiah depreciation more difficult.