Friday, 9 October 2009

المتداول العربىInvestors Uncertain about Fed Rate Cut

المتداول العربىInvestors Uncertain about Fed Rate Cut

More than a week after America's Federal Reserve Bank slashed its benchmark interest rate to the historic (low) level of .25%, investors are still struggling to assess the implications.

The immediate reaction was mostly positive, as Central Banks around the world (namely Hong Kong and Japan) quickly followed suit, and stocks rallied.

In other words, investors were buoyed by the belief that Central Banks can and will employ all available financial tools to maintain acceptable liquidity in financial markets and to prevent the economic downturn from turning into a depression.

On the other hand, forex traders were understandably dismayed by the growing gap between US and foreign interest rates, as well as the inflationary implications of the Fed's plan to essentially print money and inject it directly into the economy.

The Associated Press reports:
"While there was applause for the (Fed) cuts...investors are now standing back and reflecting further on what that means," analyst. "

Some nervousness has been expressed in the currency markets.

We have seen a weakened dollar, which has probably had an effect on the markets across the board."