Friday, 9 October 2009

المتداول العربىJapan Stays out of Forex

المتداول العربىJapan Stays out of Forex

Officially, Japan has not intervened in forex markets since 2004, when it spent the equivalent of $300 Billion to hold down the value of the Yen.

That impressive streak could soon come to and end, however, as the Yen continues to surge on the unwinding of the carry trade.

The performance of the Yen- which recently touched a 13-year high- is particularly impressive since it comes at a time when virtually every other currency has collapsed relative to the US Dollar.

Now, analysts have once again taken to pouring over monthly data on Japan's Central Banking activities, in order to confirm that it is keeping its finger off of the trigger.

Given that the Yen's appreciation has already prompted several high-level meetings among global economic and political leaders, however, it is probably only a matter of time before Japan ends its multi-year abstinence from forex.

Reuters reports:
Japanese Finance Minister said earlier this month that the authorities must be ready to deal with big swings in markets as they are undesirable.

His comments pushed the yen lower against the dollar as market players were wary of intervention.