Friday, 9 October 2009

المتداول العربىUSD Up in 2009?

المتداول العربىUSD Up in 2009?
As 2008 comes to a violent end, forex analysts are releasing their predictions for 2009.
Most believe that risk aversion and interest rate discrepancies will cease to weigh on forex markets, especially compared to 2008, when investors unwound carry trades and parked their money in low-yielding (but apparently less risky) US and Japanese securities.
Instead, investors will probably begin to focus more on economic fundamentals.
With regard to the Dollar, this approach could work either way.
On the one hand, it is conceivable that the US will outperform (this could translate into a milder recession) the EU and Japan, since the Fed's interest rate cuts were implemented at such an early stage.
On the other hand, the US twin deficits continue to expand, which suggests the possibility of long-term inflation as well as a potential reluctance in foreigners to continue to lend to the US. Marketwatch reports:
To be sure, the dollar's 2009 trajectory depends a lot on what the U.S. and global economies do, and when they do it.
The U.S. recovery could begin midyear, or the clouds could linger until the fourth quarter or even longer